Brewing Guide

Pourover - Artisanté.in

Pourover coffee only requires (freshly) ground coffee, filter paper, and a holder for the filter. At the most basic level, pourover brewing involves pouring water over and through the grounds to extract the coffee flavours into your cup or serving vessel.

 Pourover coffee constantly replenishes the water immersed in the grounds  with new, fresher water. This promotes a faster, more efficient extraction.

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French Press - Artisanté.in
The French Press is an ideal portable brew method looking for a full, bold cup of coffee. Perfect for a morning that needs an extra jolt. If you are ordering whole beans, a course grind is recommended for the French Press. 
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Cold Brew - Artisanté.in
Cold brew is slowly cold-processed, without using ice, giving it a naturally low acidity with a pleasant flavour infusion.
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Drip Machine - Artisanté.in

The Drip Machine is a fast, uncomplicated and affordable way to make a nice cup of coffee to start your morning.

Drip coffee simply relies on thermally induced pressure to send the water up to the head, and gravity to pull it down through the grounds. It dissolves considerably less of the coffee’s soluble mass, and the paper filters will trap many of the bitter oils that would otherwise be present in an espresso or French press

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Espresso - Artisanté.in
A concentrated form of coffee served in small, strong shots, A properly pulled shot should be sweet and smooth on the tongue, The flavour should also linger pleasantly on the palate. An espresso forms the base of most barista base coffee concoctions.
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South Indian Filter - Artisanté.in
The South Indian Filter is a traditional coffee brewing method dating back to the mid 16th Century. It makes a delicious cup of milky frothy coffee. Pairs perfectly with a Masala Dosa breakfast. 
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Aeropress - Artisanté.in
This AeroPress method is an excellent way to make a brew with less grounds and grit and a full body flavour.
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