French Press

French Press - Artisanté.in

The French Press is an ideal portable brew method looking for a full, bold cup of coffee. Perfect for a morning that needs an extra jolt. If you are ordering whole beans, a course grind is recommended for the French Press. 

Coffee: 40 grams of your favourite Artisante coffee
Water: 700 ML water
Grind: Coarse
Time: 6-8 minutes
Makes: Two 330 ML cups

  1. Preheat the French press with hot water.
  2. Measure or Grind 40 grams of Artisante coffee
  3. Pour out the preheated water from French press.
  4. Add the coarse ground coffee.
  5. Slowly add 700 ML water 
  6. Put the lid on and time 4 minutes
  7. Very slowly and carefully press the plunger down, make sure you press it down completely or the coffee will continue to brew into over extraction
  8. Pour out and enjoy your cup of coffee