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Hot Chocolate Assorted 12 Flavours
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Hot Chocolate Assorted Flavours, 12 Sachets 12 Flavours

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Rich, Sinful, Satisfying.

12 single serve easy to use hot chocolate sachets.

12 Assorted Flavours

Classic Hot Chocolate - This smooth hot chocolate is richly satisfying any time of day or night, mildly sweetened by demerara. Creamy texture with notes of caramel.

Mint Hot Chocolate -  Our natural mint combined with dark cocoa and organic demerara is a classic stimulating decoction, hot or cold, with a lingering taste of rich cocoa and mint.

Caramel Hot Chocolate - Natural burnt caramel flavour is added to rich dark cocoa and organic demerara for a truly soul satisfying drink. An incredible construction of flavours.

French Vanilla Hot Chocolate - French Vanilla provides warm and comforting notes with the rich dark cocoa and organic demerara. A feel good and satisfying drink, day or night.

Mexican Cinnamon Chilli Hot Chocolate - Ever since 500 BC, the ancient Mayans enjoyed chocolate in a luxurious drink with chilli and cinnamon. Now, we present our recreation, centuries later.

Dark Hot Chocolate -  Dark chocolate lovers can enjoy this deep and rich cup of chocolate, satisfying any time of day or night. Woody, dark chocolate with notes of caramel.

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate - The classic, now spiced up with warm cinnamon from Kerala. With deep cocoa, this makes a truly comforting, rich and delicious mug of hot chocolate.

Malabar Spiced Hot Chocolate - We took the mildly sweet hot chocolate and added traditional spices - nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. A festival favourite, richly satisfying all year round.

Classic Mocha (Hot Chocolate with Coffee) - A complex yet balanced  mix of cocoa, old fashioned coffee, and organic demerara for the ultimate delight of a richly satisfying cup any time of day or night.

Dark Mocha (Hot Chocolate with Coffee) - A bittersweet mix of cocoa and coffee balanced with light caramel notes of demerara, for a woody dark mocha cup, richly satisfying any time of day or night.

Caramel Mocha (Hot Chocolate with Coffee) - Mocha and caramel are a match made on earth. We added natural caramel, redolent with burnt undertones, for a plethora of flavours on your palate.

Mint Mocha (Hot Chocolate with Coffee) - Chocolate, coffee and organic demerara get a refreshing companion in mint. Enjoy this mocha drink, with a finish of soft, lingering notes of cool mint.

Our Hot Chocolates

Rich, Decadent, Natural flavours and low in sugar are the core characteristics of our Hot Chocolate. A deep rich cocoa forward experience with a wide variety of flavours to choose from.

Artisanté is based on the philosophy of offering refined flavours in everyday luxuries. Explore our world of chocolates, bringing you an array of dark, milk, white, ruby and single origin chocolate bars as well as hot chocolate and mocha mixes.

Customer Reviews

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Sarika J.

Hot Chocolate Assorted Flavours, 12 Sachets 12 Flavours

MUNAWAR A. (Delhi, IN)
Hot chocolate flavours are unique

Really good taste, packaging and pricing with uniquest flavours

Mangalika G.
Absolutely delicious bunch

Gifted to my chocolate lover hubby and he was thrilled, enjoyed every flavor. Not so sweet yet super rich chocolate. We loved the aroma as well as the packaging. Bravo to the designers