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Galactico, Caramelized White Chocolate, Toasted Almonds, Sea Salt

80 g
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Our favourite kitchen accident - Caramelized White Chocolate, discovered by nearly burning a batch of white chocolate resulting in an intense and unique toffee forward flavour. We complemented this rich flavour with deep toasted almonds and a touch of sea salt. El Fenómeno!

Our Caramelized White Chocolates

Caramelized White Chocolate, sometimes referred to as blond chocolate, is an Artisanté speciality, it has been consistently one of our best sellers.

In order to make it, chocolate artisans slowly and delicately roast white chocolate and as it heats up it has to be stirred meticulously to prevent it from burning up. It’s a mastery of timing and technique to get the consistency just right while achieving the radiant golden caramel colour and taste.

The end result is decadent velvety chocolate bar with a toffee forward flavour and hints of toasted biscuit. You can enjoy a caramelized white chocolate masterpiece in our Tiramisu and Gálactico bars.

Artisanté is based on the philosophy of offering refined flavours in everyday luxuries. Explore our world of chocolates, bringing you an array of dark, milk, white, ruby and single origin chocolate bars as well as hot chocolate and mocha mixes.